New York Yankees Make Video To Support Bully Film

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As a Red Sox fan, it can be hard to find things to like about the New York Yankees. They are, after all, baseball's Evil Empire, the devil in pinstripes, the perennial rival and sometime dasher-of-hopes to my beloved team. Occasionally, though, they come along and do something that earns the respect of even the most die-hard of Boston fans.

Yesterday, New York's YES network released a video promoting the new anti-bullying documentary, Bully. In the video, some of the Yankees' biggest names - Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez - talk about the serious problems bullying is creating in schools. They encouraging students to step in (safely) when they see classmates being bullied, and to always tell an adult. They also direct viewers to the Bully Project's website. Check out the video below:

The documentary film Bully has received a lot of attention in recent weeks. When The Weinstein Company, the production company behind the film, submitted it to the MPAA, the agency slapped it with an R-rating. TWC appealed the decision, arguing that the rating would keep many of the very kids at whom the film was aimed from seeing it. The MPAA denied the appeal, insisting that the R-rating wasn't as big a problem as TWC argued.

A massive petition, support from celebrities, and even a letter from Congress fell on deaf ears. After an initial unrated release at the end of March, the MPAA finally agreed to give the film an R rating if director Lee Hirsch agreed to remove three f-words.

Here's the official trailer for the film:

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