New York Jets Tackle Puts NFL Lockout Life on YouTube

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Regardless of which side you're supporting in this, the NFL Lockout age, there's sure to be some curiosity over what both sides are doing now that there's no NFL training camp, or, well, NFL anything until both sides agree. Apparently, Jets defensive tackle Sione Pouha has heard your calling for anything related to the NFL, and so, Pouha made something of a documentary that details the life of an NFL player who's been locked out of his chosen profession.

Pouha's choice for his content delivery is YouTube, and his channel features a preview of what to expect, which is embedded above. When discussing his motivation for making the series, Pouha says he was tired of answering questions about what he does with his time, now that he has an abundance of it.

"I would call it a low-budget reality series," Pouha said with a big laugh. "It's not quite 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.' It's the non-football life of a football player and what they do during the lockout."

The fact that it doesn't mimic the Kardashian stuff means it definitely a more realistic look at reality, even if it's through the eyes of a millionaire, albeit one that seems to have a humble sense about him. Pouha goes on to discuss his goal of the web series:

"I thought it would be awesome to give people, kind of like a reality show, a chance to see what we do other than on the fields," he said. "A lot of people just see us on Sundays and obviously that's what we get paid to do, but we have adventures and have families and take our kids to school and do homework and that sort of stuff."

As pointed out by the quoted article, considering the fact that Pouha is making the series and another, more famous Jets player like Mark Sanchez or -- God willing -- Santonio Holmes, why bother with the series? If you picked "The non-stop desire to see anything related to professional football," then you nailed it. People are so NFL starved -- all summer and no training camp makes Jack a dull boy, apparently -- they are willing to consume such "how the other half lives" content, just to once again feel close to the team they love. In this case, the New York Jets. Even Pouha says as much:

"Usually around this time, fans are excited and buying rookie jerseys and everyone's starting to set up their fantasy teams and welcoming in their new acquisitions through free agency," he said. "None of that's going on right now, so I thought I'd give fans something to watch."

As indicated, the preview is already up and its embedded in this post. The inaugural episode is supposed to be posted this evening, so all of the NFL-starved people can put their football bibs on. Hopefully, Pouha's series isn't the closet thing we'll get to true football in 2011, but you never know what happens when grown men fight over money.