New Xbox One, Xbox 360 Apps Previewed


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With the Xbox One designed from the ground-up to be an all-encompassing living room entertainment system, the streaming apps that have become popular on video game consoles are now more important than ever to Microsoft. Today the company previewed several new apps that are coming soon to both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

The app that Microsoft is most heavily touting is the Major League Gaming (MLG) app. The app was released for Xbox 360 earlier this week and will bring the streaming content from MLG.TV to Xbox 360 owners who also have Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Microsoft and MLG have even previewed much of the upcoming content that can be seen on the app, which consists mostly (and unsurprisingly) of Call of Duty: Ghosts tournaments with a bit of StarCraft II thrown in.

The Xbox 360 today is also getting the Starz cable network's "Encore Play" and "movieplex play" streaming video apps. The apps will allow Xbox 360 owners who also have a cable subscription to Starz (and an Xbox Live Gold subscription) to stream hundred of different movies and TV shows, many of them modern classics.

With all the new apps coming to Xbox 360 it may be worth wondering if content providers haven't heard that the Xbox One has been released, but Microsoft has announced a couple of new apps that are coming to its newest console as well.

The already-announced MLB.TV app will be coming to the Xbox One just in time for the start of baseball season. The app should be available to Xbox One owners by opening day, bringing with it full-HD streams of out-of-market regular season MLB games. Of course, viewers will have to have a subsciption to both MLB.TV Premium and Xbox Live Gold to view the games.

Microsoft also announced that the EPIX network is now working on an Xbox One version of its Xbox app. Details about the app will be coming in the future, so Xbox One owners can continue talking to their consoles safe in the knowledge that EPIX movies are on the way.

In addition, a deal between EPIX and Time Warner means that Xbox 360 owners who also happen to be Time Warner cable subscribers can stream EPIX content through the Xbox 360 from now until June 18. Assuming, that is, they are also Xbox Live Gold subscribers.