New Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Announced

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Though Microsoft's efforts are currently on promoting its upcoming Xbox One console, the company still knows the Xbox 360 has years of life left. This holiday season, Microsoft will continue to try to expand the Xbox 360's large user base with its annual game bundles.

Three different Xbox 360 "Holiday Value" bundles will be available this year. All of the packages come with at least two games and one month of Xbox Live Gold. The "Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle" is for those who don't want a Kinect. It will retail for $300 and also comes with both Halo 4 and Tomb Raider.

The other two bundles each come packaged with a Kinect sensor. The "Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Holiday Value Bundle" comes with Kinect Sports 2 and Kinect Adventures. The "Xbox 360 250GB Kincet Holiday Value Bundle" also comes with Kinect Sports2 and Kinect Adventures, but inclues Forza Horizon as well. The 4GB Kinect bundle will retail for $300, while the $250 will sell for $400.

In addition to the bundles, U.S. gamers will be getting a special promotion on top of this. Some U.S. retailers will be offering $50 off each of these bundles from October 13 to January 4. It is unknown at this point whether the $50 is off the purchase price or if it is a mail-in rebate.

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