New Watchdogs Multiplayer Gameplay Revealed


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Last week, Ubisoft revealed some details on the multiplayer features included in its upcoming open-world Grand Theft Auto-with-hacking game Watch Dogs. Instead of another multiplayer mode with arenas for players to shoot each other in, Watch Dogs will contain a more emergent style of multiplayer. Today, a new video showing off this style of gameplay has hit the web.

As described by Ubisoft, one type of multiplayer in the game that pits players against each other involves invading other players' game worlds to hack them for rewards. Players could be simply walking down an in-game street and receive a message that they are being hacked. The task at that point becomes finding the hacker and killing him or her. The hacker's task is to stay hidden for the hacking to complete. Once the hacker is located, a chase begins, with the hacker trying to gain enough distance on the target to escape.

An interesting feature of this type of gameplay will be that players will always see themselves as the game's main character, Aiden Pearce. Other players will appear as a random member of the city, making them harder to detect. The Dark Souls-like invasions can be mitigated somewhat by not choosing to invade other players. Also, the invasions will not take place during story or side missions. However, gamers who enjoy a bit of player interaction mixed into their open-world single-player experience might enjoy the excitement of a few random invasions.

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