New Vegas Ferris Wheel Is The World’s Tallest

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The opening ceremony for the world’s tallest Ferris wheel took place on Monday and marked the completion of the 550-foot High Roller — built by Caesars Entertainment Corp.

Riders were able to ride on the Ferris wheel and check out some of the amazing views of the Vegas strip. According to several riders, the Vegas Ferris wheel is not only the tallest in the world, it also offers the best views of any observation ride or area in Vegas.

"You can see the entire valley," Steve Sisolak, chairman of the seven-member Clark County Commission that governs the Strip said. "This is going to be one of those things everyone who comes to Las Vegas is going to want to do."

Before the official ceremony rides were given, several people, mostly Caesars employees, were allowed to ride the wheel. The wheel contains 28 gondolas, and each one can hold up to 40 people. Tickets are $24.95 during the day and $34.95 at night, with front-of-the-line VIP passes selling for $59.95.

Like many other giant Ferris wheels, the Vegas wheel also offers an amazing light show at night. As the Ferris wheel turns, the lights change colors and flash off and on in patterns, allowing the wheel to be seen from miles away. It makes a great addition to the already bright Vegas strip.

There are many other Ferris wheels that have competed for the record of the world’s tallest, including the 541-foot Singapore Flyer and the nearly 443-foot London Eye. The Vegas Ferris wheel, the High Roller, towers over 550 feet in height.

Although the High Roller is the current record holder, there are several other Ferris wheels planned that are designed to be taller. These wheels will be built in Dubai and New York City in the near future.

Are you planning to ride the new Vegas Ferris Wheel?

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