New Twitter Profiles Now Available to Everyone

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Twitter's new profiles, which the company announced earlier this month, are now rolling out to all users. Soon, all Twitter users' profiles will have the new look–but if you don't like to wait, you can quell your anxiousness by forcing the new design right now.

According to Twitter, the new profiles better "show the world who you are."

As you can see above, the new Twitter web profiles feature a huge header photo-even bigger than the one you have on your Facebook Timeline. Users are asked to upload their own photos, or select a custom one from Twitter. They suggest that your image be 1500x1500, for best results.

Other than the more visual style, the new Twitter profiles come with a handful of new functions.

First, and probably the best for those looking to truly customize their public Twitter face, is the new "Pinned Tweet" feature. This allows you to pin any tweet you want to the top of your profile page. So if there's one awesome tweet you made back in 2012 that really represents who you are, you can show it off to everyone who visits your profile.

There's also a "best tweets" feature, which unearths your most engaging tweets. They'll appear slightly larger on the screen.

Also, when you're browsing another user's new profile, you can now filter their streams to only include regular tweets, tweets with replies, or tweets with photos/videos.

As with any change that any popular social media company makes, there's been a bit of a backlash. If you're part of that, you can probably hold out on making the switch yourself. But Twitter is rolling them out today, so don't expect to hold off for very long.

Josh Wolford
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