New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer To Assemble With The Avengers

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As if you needed another excuse to go see The Avengers... What we have is Warner Brothers announcing they're plans to release another full-length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises when The Avengers movie hits the theater on May 4th. The collective at, a site dedicated to all things Chris Nolan, noticed the upcoming announcement on Warner Brothers' site, which confirms the upcoming trailer's existence, as well as the movie its attached to.

Get your batmobile/tumblers ready, folks:

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In case you aren't sure what you're looking at, the important text reads as follows:

Placements - 5/4/12

The Avengers (2D/3D): The Dark Knight Rises (TR3-2D) New Version

When you couple the third trailer's announcement with the news that TDKR will feature over an hour of IMAX footage, your hype meter for Nolan's next installment of his Batman sage should be increasing exponentially. Here are some details concerning the IMAX footage, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

When Mr. Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises" opens July 20, it will contain the most IMAX footage ever for a Hollywood feature, more than one hour's worth... "There was a huge irony that we were told it would be too difficult to shoot a Hollywood movie on IMAX when we had this gigantic camera department, grips, electric, hundreds of people working for us," says [Nolan], whose agreement to direct "The Dark Knight" was contingent on Warner Bros. allowing him to shoot the film in IMAX. "These were cameras that had been to the top of Mount Everest, to the bottom of the ocean and into outer space, but people thought we couldn't make a feature film. It was absurd."

In order to tide you over until The Avengers hits the theaters, with its TDKR trailer attached, here's the first full-length version, as well as its Lego counterpart:

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