New Super Mario Bros 2 is All About the Gold (And DLC)

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Nintendo had a lot of new titles to promote during its Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday, but perhaps none are anticipated as much by fans as New Super Mario Bros 2. Nintendo announced some new details on the title during its presentation, and revealed that Nintendo has finally turned a corner and will be charging customers for downloadable content (DLC) for the game.

From what Nintendo has shown of New Super Mario Bros 2, it really emphasizes gold. Gold coins, gold rings, gold blocks, gold enemies, and even a gold Mario. Players will be encouraged to collect coins through a new Coin Rush Mode. The mode selects three random courses for a player to play back-to-back with only one life, and players must rush through the levels collecting as many coins as possible. Coin rush records can be used to challenge friends using StreetPass. The game also has a 2-player local co-op mode, which can be used through the entire game.

New Super Mario Bros 2 will keep track of all coins collected in every mode, totaling them up into one mega-total of coins. Nintendo emphasizes that collecting 1 million total coins is a major goal in the game, insinuating that something special will happen once it is reached.

As for the DLC, it will be collections of new coin rush levels. Nintendo was careful to emphasize that the DLC content was not taken out of the full version of the game to later sell to gamers.

"We'll be making new downloadable coin rush stages available for purchase, after the game comes out," said Reggie Fils-Aime, president and CEO of Nintendo of America. "After our developers finish working on the main game - and make no mistake, out of the box this is a full-featured Mario game, as full featured as we've ever made - they'll turn their attention to making even more stages so that you can keep playing coin rush mode again and again. I can't say how or when we'll be releasing these stages, since they haven't even been made yet."

Check out the New Super Mario Bros 2 info video below, and start saving up your own real-life "coins" - the game is a launch title for Nintendo's new 3DS XL.

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