New SimCity Gameplay Shows Casino, Multi-City Strategy

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Back in October, SimCity Lead Designeer Stone Librande previewed the franchise reboot with a walkthrough. It featured a look at how players will start out building a simple city, the frustrations associated with city planning, and how the different layers in the game can provide an abundance of information.

Today, Librande is back, giving players a look at a much more advanced city and a preview of the considerations such cities need. He starts by showing off a city based on the casino industry, with several casinos raking in cash. With all of those lights, however, comes the need for a huge amount of electricity, and the wind farms in the city aren't cutting it. Librande uses his power failure as a teaching moment for how multi-city gameplay will work in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

In addition to electricity concerns, Librande demonstrates how different regional cities can help one another with their fire and police departments.

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