New Map Shows Extent Of Facebook's Dominance

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Mark Zuckerberg may not have planned to achieve a sort of global domination while he was coding away at Harvard, but his social network continues to get closer all the time.  A new illustration showing the countries in which Facebook doesn't rule has been released, and there aren't a whole lot of them left.

Take a look at the diagram (based on Alexa stats and constructed by Pingdom) for yourself below.  It almost gives the impression of a board game just four or five minutes before the losing child throws a fit and knocks all the pieces off.

Plus, making the situation even more embarrassing for everything-not-Facebook, there's the fact that the social network's been blocked in China, meaning the local market leaders haven't really beat it.

Anyway, a post on the Royal Pingdom blog observed, "Facebook is still weak in Japan, which is also one of the world's largest online markets."  Also, "Facebook is significantly less popular in much of Eastern Europe and Russia than in the rest of Europe."

Count on Facebook applying a little extra pressure in these areas in the future, perhaps making a special effort to get translations just right.

It should be interesting to see how the map changes over the course of the next six months or year as a result.