New MacBook Pro May Be Coming In 13-Inch Model Soon

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When Apple launched the new 15-inch retina display MacBook Pro on Monday, it prompted speculation that they would eventually launch a 13-inch model as well. In fact, I suggested that the retina display MacBook Pro would eventually supplant the current generation MacBook Pro entirely. If that's so, then it stands to reason that Apple must have at least a 13-inch version of the new MacBook Pro in the works (perhaps even a 17-inch model as well, though probably not)

Now, new data appears to confirm the speculation: Apple has a 13-inch version of their new retina display MacBook Pro in the works. According to information discovered by AppleInsider, usage data from MiniBatteryLogger includes references to a device called "MacBook Pro 10,2." Given the fact that the new retina display MacBook Pro's model number is MacBook Pro 10,1, it stands to reason that this is another retina display MacBook Pro, probably distinguished by size. While it's possible that this could be a 17-inch model (the 17-inch version of the original MacBook Pro was discontinued, after all), it makes more sense that it's a 13-inch version.

Of course, this could be a fake, as well. A log of this kind isn't difficult to fudge. Whether this particular data is genuine or not, though, you can bet that Apple really does have other models of the retina display MacBook Pro in the works.

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