New Kinect Touted in 'Kinect Sports Rivals' Preview


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It is now clear that Xbox One console sales are quickly falling behind the PlayStation 4. The largest factor in this is almost certainly the fact that the Xbox One offers less computing power at the higher price point of $500 (versus Sony's $400 PS4). Though Microsoft has consistently insisted that the Xbox One offers a superior value proposition, it appears that consumers do not agree.

This situation has led to a growing call from some gamers for Microsoft to drop the Kinect peripheral from its mandatory placement alongside every Xbox One console sold. The logic goes that if Microsoft would give up on the Kinect it could better compete with Sony on price.

Whether or not this is actually the case, it seems that Microsoft will no be abandoning the Kinect anytime soon. Since before the launch of the Xbox One Microsoft has been touting the features of the new Kinect.

The only problem is that gamers have not seen many of these features used outside of the polarizing voice commands. Kinect Sports Rivals, which Microsoft picked to help sell the Xbox One to mainstream consumers through an appearance on Jimmy Fallon last year, was delayed past the console's launch window. This left the Xbox One with only a dance and Ubisoft's poorly-received Fighter Within to show off the new Kinect.

Now April is approaching and Kinect Sports Rivals is finally nearing release. With the Titanfall launch out of the way, Microsoft is now once again marketing the Kinect as a feature. The first of these efforts is, of course, a new Kinect Sports Rivals preview featuring dubstep and good-looking people flailing their limbs about: