New Katy Perry Video Features Facebook Timeline


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A new lyric video for Katy Perry's "Wide Awake", features lyrics and Katy Perry trivia popping up in Facebook Timeline. The song was debuted this past Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards.

The video cronicles Katy Perry's own timeline, starting with the release of Teenage Dream on May 10th, 2010. It continues with the milestones in her career interspersed with Wide Awake lyrics that pop up in non-Facebook font.

A representative of Perry's label, EMI/Capitol Music Group, released a statement to Mashable explaining that they got permission from Facebook to feature the Timeline.

Facebook approved us using the timeline layout, and they actually just featured it on a few of their pages, including Celebs on Facebook and Music on Facebook.

We thought Facebook timeline was as an elegant way to celebrate the past couple of years, while displaying the lyrics to the last song in the Teenage Dream chapter. During this time, Katy’s star has grown rapidly, and her Facebook community is a reflection of that, with more than 43 Million likes, making her the seventh-most-popular musician on the social network.

Katy Perry's career grew at a time that she could have posted all of her accomplishments on Facebook, and fan pages have. The official fan page posted the video, so now you can watch the video timeline on the real timeline.

There is also another Facebook music video out there. A really terrible one thanking Facebook for existing.

At least Katy Perry didn't actually talk to Facebook in her video.