New James Bond Movie, "Skyfall," Gets a Teaser Trailer

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James Bond fans are blessed. Since the mid 60's they have never had to wait more than a handfull of years for the next Bond film. Despite what their opinions of each Bond are, they always line up to see a Bond movie, hoping it will be one of the good ones. Or, if not good, at least not Moonraker.

Sony Pictures has released a teaser trailer for the next James Bond film, Skyfall. Watching the trailer, it's clear that Skyfall will continue the previous two movies' tone in which James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, stands brooding and confident rather than suave. This particular movie appears to take its cue from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and looks to be darker than any previous Bond film. Take a look:

Though Skyfall looks exciting, there seems to be an element of James Bond movies that the Daniel Craig Bond movies are missing. Take a look below at the trailer for an early Bond film, Thunderball, and see the difference. The focus was on action and women with different hair colors, which was evidently the best way to tell Bond girls apart in the 60's. Though Skyfall is certain to have both of these, there is a certain playfulness about a James Bond movie that has been lost. I'm not sure that brooding is a James Bond trait.

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