New iPad TV Spot Focuses On Retina Display


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Well it's no "1984" but then again that was a sixty-second piece of advertising history that is considered by many in the advertising industry to be the greatest television commercial ever created for the greatest brand ever launched. It ran only once and during the Superbowl that year. The new Apple television commercial for the new iPad is smart and expected and pretty much in line with the launch of Apple's latest product.

Apple has been focusing on keeping their advertising simple, focused and product-oriented for a long time. This commercial is consistent with that very successful strategy. The spot is focused on what Apple believes will set the New iPad apart from all other tablets in the market and the competition: the retina display.

The commercial shows the new iPad being used to edit a photo, read a book, watch a movie and draw a picture. Under a simple piano soundtrack, a clear voice doesn't mention price or any specifications but the copy delivers the message simply, "When a screen becomes this good, colors are more vibrant. Words are pin sharp. Everything is more brilliant. Because when a screen becomes this good, it's simply you and the things you care about. The stunning Retina Display on the new iPad."

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Here's the official commercial for the new iPad.
This thing is pretty sweet!
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