"New Girl" Star Max Greenfield Hints At Schmidt/Cece Reunion

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New Girl star Max Greenfield, who plays lovably uptight Schmidt, said recently that this season of the show will give fans something they've been wanting for quite a while now: a chance for Schmidt and Cece to get back together.

(Spoilers ahead) The onscreen couple have been through a lot, breaking up and making up and everything in between. Now that Schmidt is in a serious relationship with another woman, Cece obviously realizes she has those old feelings again, and Greenfield says nothing is being ruled out for the rest of the season.

"It all comes to a head with Fawn and Cece and Schmidt during this huge moment near the end of the season. It pays off really nicely...I'm always open to it. I love that stuff. It's Schmidt's strongest relationship on the show and I'm excited for you guys to see what we have done with it for the end of the season. I finally feel like we move forward with it," Greenfield told E! News. "Schmidt. Cece. Reunion."

In full Schmidt fashion, Greenfield joked recently that if he wasn't doing television, he'd want to check out a big blockbuster film.

“Are there any major blockbusters that I’d want to join? You know, I’m just looking to get into that Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe I could be the 51st Shade? I don’t know, that’s definitely a move I’m looking to make," he said.

Greenfield also talked about Schmidt's briefly-lived moment with Jess, but said he doesn't see anything coming of it down the road, which New Girl fans will likely be happy to hear.

“I don’t think Jess and Schmidt are going to have a serious fling for obvious reason that Nick, his best friend, dated her for so long. Schmidt is in this spiral with Cece, and I just think it’s too incestuous. I think there’s always a glimmer of hope for Nick and Jess.”

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