New Echo Nest Partnerships Should Cater To More Awesome Music Apps

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The Echo Nest is partnering with JamBase and SongMeanings to give developers more data for their music apps. The former will provide concert and tour schedule data, while the latter will provide song lyrics and lyric interpretation.

"Partnerships like these are driving the digital music industry forward," the company tells WebProNews. "They increase accessibility and variety of content available to developers, better connect fans to the music they love, and bring artists revenue."

The JamBase and SongMeanings integrations will become part of The Echo Nest's Rosetta Stone project. Rosetta Stone already had tour and lyric data for developers, but they bring an expanded catalog in these areas to the offering.

"Before these partnerships, some, but not a lot of tour and lyric data was available in the Rosetta Stone," CEO Jim Lucchese tells WebProNews. "Adding data from JamBase and SongMeanings brings more tour/lyric content and variety for developers to chose from; for example, JamBase has tour info. And our existing partnership with Seatwave enables concert ticket sales, combined, this makes for a more complete, experience; or SongMeanings offers lyric interpretation submitted by fans, where as our existing partner LyricFind offers exact lyrics, again, a richer, diverse experience."

There seem to be a lot of partnership announcements coming out from Echo Nest. A major one with Spotify was announced a couple weeks ago, which integrated the APIs from the two organizations to make Spotify's apps more developer friendly.

“Integrating Spotify’s artist and song IDs creates an efficiency where the developer now only has to use one ID structure to have access to The Echo Nest’s rich music data platform along with the streaming music of Spotify as well as our other partners in Rosetta Stone,” Shane Tobin, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Echo Nest told us at the time.

Spotify, of course, revealed its third-party app platform last last year. “Spotify has called its app platform the company’s biggest announcement since it launched, and rightfully so,” The Echo Nest said. “In the first three months that Spotify apps were available, music fans listened to over 1,500 years of music within them.”

Even more recently, as in last week, The Echo Nest announced a partnership with Raditaz, a Pandora competitor, to add metadata to 14 million songs.

"This is how we have always operated," Lucchese tells us with regards to this spate of partnerships. "Now, we're talking about it."

"As part of that initiative, The Echo Nest is distributing a 'powered by' logo to help our clients stand out in an increasingly competitive digital media landscape," he adds. "When music fans encounter our logo, they will know that it accompanies a first-rate music experience grounded in a human- and machine-driven understanding of music. If it's powered by The Echo Nest, it’s smarter, and our partners realize that."

Some of The Echo Nest's key partners include: EMI, Spotify, Clear Channel Radio, MOG, Twitter, Universal Music Group, Nokia, MTV, Seatwave, eMusic, BBC, 7Digital, Rdio, Discovr, Raditaz, SpotOn Radio,, Cadence, Upbeat Workouts, AudioVroom, Bandito, Muzine, MusicMine, LyricFind, GrooveBug, Music Hunter, Music Tandem, Record Beater, Music+, and now JamBase and SongMeanings.

When asked about potential partnerships, Lucchese says, "We can't speak to what exactly is in the queue, but yes, The Echo Nest hopes to continue supplying developers with music data (currently at more than 5B data points on more than 30M songs) and engaging music fans at a higher-than-ever level (close to 300 music apps and services have been using our music intelligence, with a customer base that reaches more than 150M music fans worldwide)."

We asked him what the most interesting implementations of The Echo Nest have been so far. "Too many to count!" he says. "One of our personal favorites is Drinkify which came out of Music Hack Day Boston 2011--you enter an artist, it gives you a drink!"


I agree. That's pretty awesome.

Here's another interview we did with Lucchese last week:

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