New Dead Space 3 Preview Highlights Co-op Gameplay

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Survival horror fans hoping for more Dead Space 3 news are in for a treat today. Machinima just released a new eight-minute preview for the game, featuring minor spoilers from the game's story producer, Chuck Beaver.

Most of the interview focuses on Dead Space 3's new co-op gameplay. Players will play as either Isaac or a new character, Carver. Players taking on the role of Carver will experience Carver's dementia, meaning what that character sees will be different from what the Isaac character sees.

"Carver is just experiencing dementia on the scale that Isaac did for the first time," said Beaver. "As a character, Carver is a military man who had a wife who was secretly involved in market research." Beaver also stated that the character has a connection to the villain of the game.

Beaver spoke for a bit about the new "adaptive cover" mechanic in Dead Space 3. He tried to reassure gamers by calling the system a "soft-lock cover system" that shouldn't be intrusive.

The new weapon crafting system was also touched upon, but Beaver provided no new information beyond what was revealed at this year's Gamescom expo. He did, though, state that Dead Space 3 is the largest Dead Space game by far.

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