New Crysis 3 Single Player Walkthrough Reveals Minor Spoilers


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Crysis 3 is, as so many big-name titles are, currently scheduled for a February 2013 launch. That's less than three months away, and Crytek is finally providing a longer look at what will set the game apart from other shooters, such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

It's a given from the series' history that Crysis 3 will sport impressive graphics. But as games such as Minecraft have shown, graphics aren't necessarily more important than gameplay. Today, Gamespot released a nearly seven-minute long look at a segment of the Crysis 3 single player campaign.

The footage is narrated by Mike Reed, a producer for Crysis 3. Reed isn't averse to a few spoilers, and reveals a few secrets about the game, including bits about why alien-jail domes exist and how alien DNA can infect nano-suits. He also speaks about the bow mechanics that allow the player to change the draw weight of the weapon and the fact that the game includes explosive, electro, and airburst (proximity) tipped arrows.