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New Call Of Duty Title To Be Revealed On May 1

You can count on a new Call of Duty title coming every year, but Activision still likes to treat the reveal as a big deal. This year is no different with the official Call of Duty site displaying a te...
New Call Of Duty Title To Be Revealed On May 1
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  • You can count on a new Call of Duty title coming every year, but Activision still likes to treat the reveal as a big deal. This year is no different with the official Call of Duty site displaying a teaser and a countdown for the big reveal on May 1. If that was the only part of this story, it wouldn’t be that exciting. It’s a good thing there’s more – lots more.

    Military shooter fan site MP1st has been digging into the rumors and speculation for the next Call of Duty title. What we do know now is that the next title is being developed by Treyarch, developers of 2010’s Black Ops. That’s it! Well, not really, but that’s the only confirmed news we have. The other rumors are a bit more interesting.

    First and foremost, it seems like the next game in the franchise might not be called Black Ops 2. Other rumors point to the game’s title being Call of Duty: Eclipse with a rumored release date of November 13. Why November 13? There will a total solar eclipse on that day which syncs up perfectly with the rumored title.

    MP1st also got their hands on a rumored leak of all the new game modes and perks making their way into Black Ops 2, Eclipse or whatever you want to call it. Treyarch did some interesting stuff with the multiplayer in Black Ops and it’s looking like the studio is doing it again with the sequel.

    The first new game mode is called Escort which sees a team escorting a player as they pick up three flags. If the opposing team manages to kill the escorted player, it will be a win for the opposing team.

    The next mode is supposedly called Split Spawn. This sees players spawning from a helicopter and they have to climb down from it to reach the ground. One player is in charge of controlling the chopper while others can stay in the chopper to provide cover fire. If the chopper is destroyed, players lose their only means of respawning. There is also a flag to capture that “takes 2x as long to capture than a regular domination flag.” Capturing said flag or the death of all opposing players will grant victory.

    The final game mode is the most interesting and the one I hope is real. It’s called Equalizer and for good reason. Upon death, a player is transferred to the opposing team. During this, the teams compete for a flag that opens up a power plant. This plant allows players to customize their class during the match and opens up the ability to suit up in a juggernaut suit. If there are two players left on a team, they are automatically granted the power plant. At this point, team members also don’t transfer to the other side.

    Here is a list of the leaked perks coming to the game as well with the base, pro and elite versions of said perk.

    1. Spy – Appear as a friend on the map. (Disadvantage is, you’re always spotted even without a UAV, and when shooting, you turn red on the map)
    b. Pro – Detect enemy spies. They will still always be spotted on the radar.
    c. Elite – If Pilot is active, your airship will be marked as an ally.

    2. Escape Artist – When going prone, you feign death (You cannot shoot during)
    b. Pro – When approaching death, the enemies crosshairs will turn to white, and your name will dissapear.
    c. Elite – if Diver is active – You realistically fall into your feign death instead of diving.

    3. Audiophile – Players with silenced weapons will show on your radar if they are shooting at you or close around you.
    b. Pro – Footsteps are louder
    c. Elite – If bladesman is active – kniving will show up on the radar

    4. Defuser – Throw all equipment but cookable grenades up to 2x farther – a hollow circle will show up around your crosshairs, and the circle will fill in 3 seconds. When the circle is full, it will throw 2x farther, when it is empty, it will throw 1x as far.
    b. Pro – Be able to take semtex off of players and throw them elsewhere, and be able to pick up any enemy equipment and use it as your own.
    c. Elite – if quickdraw is active – the circle will fill in 1.5 seconds.

    5. Juggernaut – Regenerate health faster while moving
    b. Pro – Regenerate health faster while crouched
    c. Elite – If scavenger is active – you are able to drop ammo packs for your team.

    6. Diver – You can dive into cover (A.K.A. Dolphin Dive) – and while diving you can still shoot, however when you land it takes awhile to regain focus.
    b. Pro – You crawl 2x faster
    c. Elite – With Extreme conditioning active – You can sprint while crawling to crawl faster (3x) instead of getting up.

    7. Pilot – Your flying killstreak’s kills will count towards your next killstreak.
    b. Pro – Your controllable flying killstreaks will last until they are shot down.
    c. Elite – With blind eye active – Your uncontrollable flying killstreaks will not show on the map.

    8. Technician – Any land killstreak’s kills will count towards your next killstreak.
    b. Pro – Your Advnaced UAVS will disable the enemies UAV
    c. Elite – If defuser is active, your sentries cannot be taken down instantly.

    9. Bladesman – You have 2 knives in each hand instead of just one in one hand. (This essentially makes knives kill twice as fast.)
    b. Pro – You have a chance of dodging the incoming players knife.
    c. Elite – If assasin is active – kniving will be completely silent and not show on the killfeed, unless countered by audiophile elite.

    10. Conciousness – While standing, you are just as accurate as when you are prone
    b. Pro – Your bullets cause more flinching.
    c. Elite – If marksman is active – shooting your enemy will mark him on the mini map.

    11. Focus – Be able to shoot while sprinting, even at the deduction of accuracy.
    b. Pro – Be able to shoot while jumping, even at the deduction of accuracy.
    c. Elite – If stalker is active – when jumping, equipment does less damage to you.

    12. Deep Impact – Your bullets shoot through hard surfaces.
    b. Pro – Your bullets gain 50% damage with each person they go through.
    c. Elite – if steady aim is active – when hip-firing, your bullets have 10% more damage with each person they go through.

    Alongside all of this, there are also leaks of the new guns, attachments and knife skills that will be making it into the next Call of Duty game.

    It’s important to note that all of this is rumor and conjecture for now. It’s not like last year where all the major details of Modern Warfare 3 were leaked weeks before the official unveil. It’s not smart to get your hopes up just yet. I personally hope that at least the new game modes are legitimate because Equalizer sounds like a blast.

    Take the rumors as you will, but the official unveil will take place on May 1 during the NBA playoffs on TNT. Only then will we get our first real look at whatever the next Call of Duty game is.

    Do you think the rumors are legitimate? Are you excited for the official unveiling on May 1? Let us know in the comments.

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