New 'Bound By Flame' Trailer Previews Classic Fantasy Action


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Spiders Studio today released a new preview of its upcoming fantasy RPG, Bound by Flame. The game was announced last summer and is one of the many games coming to the PlayStation 4 this year.

Bound by Flame puts players in the shoes of a mercenary possessed by a flame demon. Players can choose to give into the demons demands and gain pyro power or resist it to gain a different type of heroic power while they journey across "dark fantasy universe" and battle a diverse lineup of ugly creatures.

Today's new preview sheds a bit more light on the game's story. The game's hero (or heroine) is named Vulcan. After becoming possessed, Vulcan must hunt down seven evil wizard "icelords" who command an army of the undead.

A new trailer for the game shows a bit of this story, as well as some gameplay battles. It is, however, narrated by a loud and constant movie trailer-type narrator:

Spiders has a recent history of ambitious game development. The studios recent titles like Of Orcs and Men and Mars: War Logs brought plenty of inventive ideas and story elements for fantasy and sci-fi games, but were lacking in execution. Mars: War Logs, for example, was delayed for consoles as the studio overhauled the game's English voice-overs.

Even so, Spiders' games always seem to have the potential to turn into real classics. By going back to basics with a classic fantasy setting and gigantic monsters Bound By Flame could be a solid western RPG with plenty to offer.