New Bachelorette Season Features Less Hot Tubs, More Class


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New Bachelorette, new rules.

Since this season of the popular dating program will feature single mother Emily Maynard's quest for love and affection, host Chris Harrison claims that some slight changes have been made to the show's formula. However, just because there won't be any wild and wacky sexual encounters or late night hot tub trysts this time around doesn't mean that you shouldn't tune in.

Although Maynard, who was engaged to Nascar driver Ricky Hendrick before his death in 2004, can be seen wearing a bikini in what Harrison states are "exotic locales", she wanted to be portrayed as a mother first and foremost. That means no hanky panky, no frat humor, and no clandestine meetings with potential suitors after the lights go out. Sorry, primetime perverts. You'll have to get your fix elsewhere.

"Emily's season is drastically different," Harrison explained. "It changed the tone from Night 1. Throughout the show, it was always that underlying issue of, she's a mom and is this guy ready for that? It's not about just hopefully finding love and a husband, it's about finding a father figure to [her daughter] Ricki."

This isn't the first time Maynard has attempted to find true love on television. She was the winner in the "Bachelor" season featuring Brad Womack. As is the story with most of these scenarios, Maynard and Womack eventually broke off their relationship, prompting the single mom to return to the small screen for another shot at love, romance, and, well, celebrity. After all, one doesn't appear on TV if they don't want the world to know who they are.

The season hasn't wrapped production yet, so Harrison couldn't say whether or not Maynard has found her true love. Not that he would, anyway. In order to find out if she's bound for love or depression, you'll have to tune into the program, which debuts tonight (May 14th) on ABC.