New Application Statistics for Android Developers

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App Publishers on the Android Market are getting a revamped version of the Application Statistics tool to help them fine tune development and marketing. Application Statistics is a set of dashboards in the Android Developer Console that displays installation performance along a variety of dimensions, including countries, platform versions, and device models.

The new look includes new ways to analyze data, new metrics, and a new, easier user interface.

The first thing you will notice is a redesigned UI that is more compact, and easier to use. Each dimension is now displayed in a dedicated tab, making it easier to click through your stats. Also, export capability has been added that lets you download your stats in a single CSV file, in case you track stats in another tool.

The next improvement you will notice are the new installation metrics. You can now see an app's installations measured by unique users, as well as by unique devices. For user installations, you can view active installs, total installs, and daily installs and uninstalls. For devices, you can see active installs as well as daily installs, uninstalls, and upgrades. You can track your app's installation across mobile operators or view metrics of app updates.

For all metrics and dimensions, timeline charts have been added to view your app's installation peaks and long term trends. It is easy to correlate these along with promotions, app updates and improvements, or any other factors to develop key marketing strategies.

All together these new improvements are designed to give Android Market developers new insight into their user base and installation performance.