Neve Campbell Talks About "Mad Men" Makeover

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Neve Campbell surprised Mad Men fans on Sunday night with an appearance on Don Draper's plane, and the surprise was a good one.

The Scream star played a sexy passenger on the flight who happens to be seated next to our favorite womanizer, and the role was one we haven't seen her play before: bold, flirtatious, and seductive. For Campbell, who got her start on the Fox hit Party of Five in the '90s before moving on to Wes Craven's horror trilogy and a little film that involved full frontal Kevin Bacon, the chance to play a worldly woman in the late '60s was made all the easier by the wardrobe.

"I had fun with wardrobe," she said. "I was able to express what felt good and what felt right. [Showrunner] Matt [Weiner] is so detail-oriented that he chooses the hairstyles and makeup for every character. So when I got to the hair-and-makeup trailer, there was a picture of a woman in an old article from the '60s, and that was the hairstyle that we were doing. That was really interesting, because normally you have some room for a voice in this. But at the same time, there's a reason why the show has done so well, and a big part of that is obviously how specific and detail-oriented [Matt] is in what he does

The final season of the show--which premiered on Sunday--is of course kept tightly under wraps, so Campbell can't speak about whether she'll be seen again on the show, but judging from the reaction on Twitter, fans are hoping she'll be a regular.

"When you’re given a threat by Matt Weiner, it’s not that tough to keep a secret," she said. "They’re very good at keeping things top secret on the show. When I first got to set and was in the hair-and-makeup trailer, someone said, “Oh, Matt Weiner’s coming down to talk to you,” and the hair-and-makeup people said, “Oh, he’s coming to give you the super-secrecy speech.” I said, “What’s that?” They’re like, “You’ll see.” And he did. He came down and gave me a big speech about the importance of keeping things hush on the show, and keeping things entertaining and fresh for the audience, which I completely respect, and how much they need people to not say a word. And then I had to sign a waiver as well. That’s how it goes."

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