Netflix Updates Support Site


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Netflix has recently added a new support site, as a primary resource regarding frequently asked questions and service error resolutions, according to Mike D. Kail, Vice President of IT Operations, per the Netflix official blog. An example given describes what a user might do if they are having an issue with Silverlight. A user can just search for "Silverlight," and get a narrow result:


Netflix adds that in the coming months, it will be adding more help topics to the new knowledge base.

Netflix was recently in the news, along with a slew of other companies, after pulling advertising from the embattled Rush Limbaugh Show. Netflix made a statement on the matter, after some subscribers complained about an alleged affiliation with Limbaugh:

“Netflix has not and does not purchase advertising on the Rush Limbaugh show. We do buy network radio advertising and have confirmed that two Netflix spots were picked up in error around the Rush Limbaugh show. We have instructed our advertising agency to make sure that this error will not happen again.”

As of now, Netflix and Rush Limbaugh are no longer affiliated.