Netflix Reportedly Wants 'Black Mirror' for Itself

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Black Mirror has only aired seven episodes – two three-episode series and a Christmas special – but the show has already made a huge splash in both the UK and the States. We've known that creator Charlie Brooker is working on more, the only thing up in the air is where there future episodes will land – and who will produce them.

The show, a sci-fi anthology that explores some of the dark possibilities of our increasingly tech-obsessed culture, originally airs on Britain's Channel 4, and Netflix has exclusive online streaming rights in the US.

But according to a new report from Radio Times, Netflix wants to do more than simply stream Black Mirror after its initial run. Netflix is apparently trying to make Black Mirror one if its high-profile originals.

From Radio Times:

Charlie Brooker's dystopian drama series Black Mirror, will be back, can reveal, but not necessarily on Channel 4.

Brooker is currently writing scripts for a new run of the C4-originated drama which explores the dark and troubling aspects of technology.

But it is such a hit in the US that that he is being wooed by streaming giant Netflix which wants to make new episodes of the show for themselves, according to well-placed sources.

Black Mirror first hit Netflix last December and got American audiences talking with a first episode that involved the British Prime Minister porking a pig on live television. The series – well-produced, well-acted, and well-written – is surely popular on Netflix.

And we know how Netflix likes to use this sort of big data to make decisions.

The last we heard, Black Mirror was likely getting a US version. "There is a plan" were the exact words.

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