Netflix May Bring Jericho Back From The Dead

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Fans of the post-apocalyptic CBS series Jericho, ready your peanuts - or put down your peanuts. Something involving peanuts. Netflix has apparently approached CBS about brining the cult-favorite to their camp - for some new episodes. And CBS is reportedly considering the offer.

All of this comes courtesy of TV Guide, who says that the fervor of Arrested Development fans and the excitement over its return is what Netflix wants to duplicate with a Jericho resurrection.

Of course, we're all excited by the return of Arrested Development. We learned last month that all ten episodes of the new season would drop on Netflix at the same time. Fans of the show that have been waiting years for new dispatches from the Bluth's will get to quench their thirst in one giant marathon viewing session. Could Jericho produce a similar level of excitement?

Of course, we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet. The deal is apparently only in its nascent stages. Both companies have to agree on a financial agreement conducive to their bottom lines. Plus, as TV Guide points out, corralling the cast & crew from their various other projects would be quite the undertaking (what is Skeet Ulrich doing right now?)

While Arrested Development is a done deal and on it's way this year, there have been plenty of other unconfirmed rumors about Netflix acquiring defunct TV shows. Last year, we heard about the possibility of Comedy Central's Reno 911 coming to Netflix for new episodes. In March, we heard that Netflix may snatch up ABC's doomed drama The River (considering it gets cancelled, which is expected).

Could Netflix carve out a little niche for themselves - bringing dead TV shows back to life?

They are already pushing into the original content arena. In February, the Scandinavian-set Stevie Van Zandt vehicle Lilyhammer debuted. Later this year we should see the much-anticipated Kevin Spacey-David Fincher project House of Cards. Even Eli Roth is getting in on the fun, with a new series called Hemlock Grove set to debut early next year.

Would you be excited for a new season of Jericho? Let us know in the comments.

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