Netflix "Just For Kids" Offers Safe Programming On PS3

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Netflix has made quite a name for itself--despite some rocky patches, as an easy, convenient way to watch television shows and movies from home, and in the past few years they have made attempts at being even more user-friendly with their streaming service, which allows a viewer to get their entertainment directly through game devices and the internet. While some subscribers have issues with the latest changes, as reported earlier, many find it extremely easy to use.

Unfortunately, this also means more concern for parents as to what their children have access to. Parental controls allow for some safeguards, but a new section unveiled by the company in 2011 called "Netflix Just For Kids" created a completely safe and child-friendly environment without the use of parental controls. And today they announced that the program is available not only through Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, and their own website, but also on PS3.

Since the program was launched last August, more than one billion hours of children's programming has been viewed, and when you consider that those are all commercial-free hours, that number seems even bigger. Filled with popular Nickelodeon shows as well as old-school cartoons from the '90s, PBS programs, and Disney shows, the "Just For Kids" channel of Netflix is as much fun for parents as it is for kids, especially since there's no violence, nudity, language, or any of the other questionable things cable television offers.

Netflix reported last October that over half of all streams are of television shows rather than movies, and the latest innovations in streaming have probably helped that number along as children use their gaming systems to watch their favorite television shows.

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