Netflix Is Incredibly Popular on HDTVs; Smartphones and Tablets Not So Much

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Chances are, if you're streaming a film or TV show via Netflix Instant, you're probably watching it on your HDTV (either via a SmartTV or through a device with a Netflix app, like an Xbox360).

NPD has just published their latest application usage numbers for Netflix Instant and it shows exactly which types of screens are popular, and which really aren't. As you may expect, watching Netflix on an HDTV screen is very popular. Of those surveyed, 40% stream Netflix to their televisions.

In second place is the trusty computer, which saw 14% of respondents claim as their viewing medium.

Only 13% said they watch Netflix on a tablet, and 8% said they watch it on a smartphone. Honestly, I'm surprised that latter figure is even as high as it is.

That signals a pretty big shift. According to NPD,

"Twenty-one percent of connected TV owners said they migrated from using over-the-top (OTT) video services on the computer and now watch on the TV instead."

As you would expect, the majority of Netflix streamers are younger. 51% of those who watch Netflix on an HDTV are between the ages of 18 and 34.

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