Netflix Alters How DVD Subscribers Get Email

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Netflix is changing the way it emails members of its DVD subscription service. Having been a member for over a decade, I can't recall a time when this has changed much or at all.

They're going to reduce the frequency of emails by consolidating information. Here's what the company said in an email to members:

Here at Netflix we are always looking for ways to improve your entertainment experience. In the coming week you’ll notice a change in how you receive emails from us. We’re consolidating your shipment transactions into a single email to help you streamline the amount of emails in your inbox.

Your new shipment email will tell you what’s on the way, acknowledge what we are receiving, plus give you the option of adding new releases or personal recommendations to your queue. We hope you enjoy receiving more relevant content in the new format while dealing with less email.

You can also now find on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Connect with us to stay up-to-date on new movie releases and entertainment-focused content; join our conversations or simply share what you’re watching.

Enjoy the show.

The Netflix DVD Team

Netflix's DVD service doesn't get a lot of press, but as of Q1, it still had over 5.5 million members. It has a pretty loyal core group of users. Let's not forget that this is the service that put Netflix on the map.

A while back, they did some rebranding of the service to further separate it from the popular streaming service.

As the email referenced above points out, this particular brand has its own social media accounts that are also separate from the main Netlfix accounts. It looks like they've been up and running for a while, but they all have pretty low followings, so I'm sure a lot of people don't even realize they exist. I didn't even realize it, and I've been a member this whole time and cover Netflix on a regular basis. So just in case you want to check those out, you can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

Update: Apparently a lot of people are indeed jus finding out about these social profiles. Netflix DVD just posted a Facebook update saying:

We'd love to welcome all of you to our Facebook page, where you'll be in the loop to the all the new releases, exciting giveaway offers, and even the whimsical snapshot or two from around the DVD Netflix office!

This influx of new followers today has gotten us pretty amped up, so who knows.... Maybe you'll be rewarded with a seriously huge giveaway, coming very soon! (The "maybe" is actually a "yes!")

Rock on, DVD subscribers, and keep filling those queues. Tell us what you're watching tonight!

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