Nerdy Zombies Invade Philadelphia Comic Con

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Zombie Darth Vader

Zombies are huge right now. Probably bigger than pirates or ninjas ever were. So when I saw these great Zombie art pieces from comic artist Ken Haser I had to post them.

WebProNews reached out to Ken to ask him about the pieces and this is what he had to say:

"They were done as commissions at last week's Wizard World Philly and I usually get a lot of zombie character requests."

I immediately wanted to know how much he usually charged and how long they took because as a non-artist I immediately assume that they are thousands of dollars and take months of work. "I Usually charge about 50 for the copy paper size and 100 for the big 11X17," he said. "They can take between a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes for the small ones and an hour or 3 for the big ones--- depends on the amount of detail."

Check out the trade paperback for his comic "The Living Corpse: Exhumed" comes out on June 20th from Dynamite Entertainment!

I love the Star Trek Captains, because all I can imagine is the Trekkie they are eating was probably so stoked to meet them, having a nerd-gasm and all, and then they started eating him.

Ken Haser has worked on various comic titles including "The Jersey Devil", "Digital Webbing Presents", "Warmaggedon", "The Eyes of Asia", "The Living Corpse" and others. Ken is currently sharing writing and artistic duties for “The Living Corpse” from Zenescope, which has also been optioned for film. He has also done a lot of work with Dynamic Forces doing remarks.

Zombie Pillsbury Doughboy

Zombie STar Trek Captains

Zombie Disney Characters