Neil Patrick Harris Tweets Naked Selfie Post 'Hedwig' Show

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On Thursday, Neil Patrick Harris gave his fans a sneak peek of what goes on behind the stage of Hedwig and the Angry Inch by sharing a naked selfie from his dressing room.

Harris was in front of the mirror holding his phone wearing nothing but remnants of his makeup and dark blue nail polish. The picture was captioned, “Other dressing room. Post show. Post wig. Just did this.” In the Broadway show, Harris plays a transgender singer and he goes through an extensive makeup process before going on stage.

Before sharing his naked selfie, Harris also shared a picture pre-show with him wearing his full makeup sans wig. He captioned the picture, “Dressing room, Pre show. Pre wig. Let’s do this.”

Behind the scenes of 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' with Neil Patrick Harris

Harris has been starring in the production since March and he will continue to play the title character until August 17. Playing the character has earned Harris favorable reviews as well as a Tony award for Best Actor in a Musical. After winning the award he said, “Playing Hedwig is an absolute joy, I was terrified at first but it has changed me and challenged me and exhausted me… The character is so beautiful and the songs are so amazing to sing.”

The musical is “highly-improvisational” and Harris both impressed and surprised audiences by playing a transgender role. Just last month, Harris was so into his character that he spat water on a woman in the audience. The incident made headlines, but the show’s rep said that it was part of the show’s audience interaction and Harris did it “all in character.”

After Harris’ leaves the show, Tony nominated actor Andrew Rannells will take over the role of Hedwig for eight weeks starting August 20. This means that Harris fans only have a couple of weeks left to watch him give his Tony-winning performance.

 Image via Actually NPH, Twitter

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