Naya Rivera: Did She Get Breast Implants? [PHOTOS]


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Did Naya Rivera secretly get breast implants? That's what some people are wondering after she posted two photos to her Instagram account.

One photo shows the actor posing on a beach with her fiance Big Sean in a fitted black skirt and a black bikini top, and the other image is a selfie, where Rivera is posing in front of a mirror in an extremely revealing top.

Since she posted both photos, people have been asking "did she or didn't she," because by the looks of it, Rivera's chest seems a lot bigger--not that I ever noticed her chest before or ever snuck a peak.

In the first picture, one could say that it's obvious she had some work done, because not only do her breast appear much larger, they have that fake-plastic-surgery-look, which is always a telltale sign.

And it's the same thing with the second photo. Rivera looks a lot more endowed in the chest area compared to the photos taken of her just a few months ago.

For the spring 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the Glee actress posed for the cover, and if you look, her chest is noticeably smaller. Now, whether the photo was altered for some reason is unknown, but one look at the Cosmo cover and another look at the recent photos she posted, one should be able to see a clear difference--but a lot people still aren't completely sure.

Of course getting a breast augmentation in Hollywood is as common as a bodybuilder taking vitamins, so it surely wouldn't be surprising if she did get some work done.

And posting the photos to Instagram just might be Rivera's way of making the announcement that she did in fact get an enhancement, because if you think about it, how else would she let people know--since I've never heard of anyone making an official announcement about getting their breasts augmented.

Now that would be extremely tacky, wouldn't it?

Image via YouTube