Native Wikipedia App Arrives For Android


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Remember when everybody was bemoaning the lack of Wikipedia due to the Mayan SOPA Blackout of 2012? I know, I barely do, too - that was so yesterday. Well, the next time that happens, when that happens again, Android users will have at least one more backup option thanks to the new official Wikipedia App for Android.

As of right now, it's about what you'd expect if you're familiar at all with the Wikipedia App for iPhone except for the obvious Androidizing of the aesthetic.



As you can see, it's not exactly a shell game to guess which one is which.

The response from Android users appears to be overwhelmingly positive as the app has already broken into the 10K-50K bracket of downloads in only a couple of days. Reviews so far have been good, too, with an average of 4.4 stars from 595 reviews (Wikipedia for iPhone, conversely, has an average rating of 3 stars from nearly 52,000 reviews). It's entirely likely that a lot of that App soul glow is residual from everybody surviving an entire day Wikipedia-less and simply effusing their joy over having any access to Wikipedia, regardless of how.

So go ahead, SOPA: bring yer worst.