National Siblings Day: Celebrating Brotherly And Sisterly Love

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The relationship between siblings is critically important and emotionally powerful not only in childhood, but also over the course of a person’s lifetime. Having a brother or sister allows a person to learn and develop social skills, specifically in managing conflict and negotiating with other people. Sibling relationships are most likely to be the longest relationships that most people will experience in their whole lives.

April 10, 2014 marked a special holiday – National Siblings Day – which celebrates the unique relationship between brothers and sisters. Even though it is not federally acknowledged like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, the relationships people have with their siblings are equally important as the ones they have with their parents.

This new holiday is the idea of Claudia Evart, who is also the founder and director of Siblings Day. A freelance paralegal from New York City, Evart lost two of her siblings early in life, on separate accidents. It was then that she realized the significance of commemorating both our living and dead siblings. April 10 is a date close to Evart’s heart as it is also the birthday of her departed sister, Lisette.

In 2008, President George W. Bush signed a message that officially recognizes April 10 as National Siblings Day. President Bill Clinton signed the same presidential message in 2000.

Childhood cancer foundation Alex’s Lemonade Stand is set to announce the acquisition of another non-profit childhood cancer foundation Supersibs!, which has given support to siblings of cancer-afflicted children since 2002.

Alexandra “Alex” Scott put up a lemonade stand to search for possible cures for children with cancer. Alex has three brothers, who have also struggled to deal with their sister’s ordeal with cancer. Alex’s story is a testament to the impact of having a cancer-stricken sibling in one’s life. Both Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Supersibs! have both done an excellent job of ensuring the security and sense of empowerment among siblings affected by childhood cancer.

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