National Cheese Fondue Day Makes Mouths Water

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Get out your cutting board because April 11th is National Cheese Fondue Day! Whether you enjoy coating your veggies, bread, fruit, or sauteed meat in cheese this is truly a situation where you can get some cheddar and feel better. Sorry, was that too cheesy? Queue rim shot.

Fondue is the national dish of Switzerland and Americans have had an on again off again love affair with this style of dining.

The Melting Pot is a chain of franchised fondue restaurants located across the United States that now boasts 142 locations. The first Melting Pot opened in April 1975 in Maitland, Florida – a suburban city of the Orlando Metropolitan Area – and served only three items on its menu. Now you can get over six different types of cheese fondue that are guaranteed to make even the most awkward first dates seem delightful.

In honor of National Cheese Fondue Day, The Melting Pot will be giving away FREE CHEESE FONDUE for two to the first 25,000 new Club Fondue members who sign up today only.

If you are planning to celebrate the holiday with a fondue party Cindy Harris has some tips for you:

She recommends that you use a french baguette bread because it is dense and will hold its shape after it is dipped into the fondue. To make the sauce you will need to warm a pot on low and fill it with a dry wine like sauvignon blanc and slowly add good quality cheddar cheese that has been run through a food processor until it has a creamy texture.

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Please send us some of your favorite fondue dishes and recipes.

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