NASA Flying Saucer Launch Delayed Again


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Believe it or not, NASA actually owns a flying saucer.

The ship is actually a saucer-shaped Mars landing test vehicle and NASA is hoping to launch it soon.

They have already had to put a hold on the launch six times, and now it looks like bad weather will cause them to have to hold off even longer.

"All of the vehicle systems [and] our team were ready and prepared for all of the launch days; we were ready to go," said Mark Adler, LDSD project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. "The only thing that held us up was that none of the launch dates had or will have acceptable weather conditions."

"We have managed to negotiate with the range for the possibility of some additional days later in the month," Adler told during a call with reporters Thursday. "We're seeing in the long-term forecast, which isn't very reliable at this point, but we are seeing some significant changes in the weather patterns toward the end of the month that could indicate we would have some good days."

"We [cannot] have very high winds near the ground so that the balloon is able to be launched and not be damaged by the winds," Adler explained. "We also have to have conditions where the higher level winds [will] take the balloon away from populated areas."

Once the saucer makes it into space, it will drop from the balloon and a fraction of a second later, ignite a solid-fueled rocket engine to propel it to the edge of the Earth's atmosphere. The flying saucer may someday travel to and land on Mars, where it will do tests and send the results back to Earth.

What do you think of NASA's flying saucer?

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