MySpace Acquires Threadbox Assets, Team

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MySpace's messaging interface may soon take a turn for the better - and/or the Facebook-like.  Late yesterday, MySpace acknowledged that it's acquiring the assets and team of Threadbox, which deals in real-time social messaging and takes some amount of pride in comparisons to Facebook.

A short statement on the Threadbox homepage tells what the company's service is all about in reasonably objective terms, explaining, "Threadbox Messenger combines the convenience of email, real-time, and presence from instant messaging, and the simplicity and effortless sharing of social communications."

Then, in even bigger lettering, the homepage claims, "Threadbox Messenger is the new email."

And as you can see below, the testimonials section makes an interesting comparison between Threadbox and Facebook.  Whether that's good, since MySpace needs to catch up to Facebook in some respects, or bad, since a perfect clone might be scorned, we'll leave for you to decide.

Anyway, credit goes to Dean Takahashi for first reporting this acquisition and getting the confirmation from MySpace.

A MySpace spokesperson told Takahashi, "We're thrilled to announce that the talented Threadbox team has joined MySpace.  We're in active discussions about how we can incorporate their innovative technology into our site."