Mudslide Buries Georgia Man Alive For Hours Before Help Comes

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An Atlanta man apparently slipped and fell into a massive river of red clay at a construction site last week before getting stuck beneath its crushing weight.

Firefighters on the scene say he was under long enough to have his footprints obliterated by silt and mud which washed down from the site. His airway was obstructed when they found him, but he regained consciousness briefly. He also suffered from hypothermia, because it was an exceptionally chilly morning and the mud worked as a coolant. That, combined with what firefighters assume must have been an epic struggle, took a huge toll on him physically.

He was taken to the hospital immediately, but as of now there's no word as to what condition he's in.

Georgia is known for its dark red clay, which takes its color from iron oxides formed by interactions with the weather and the rocks found in the soil.

Watch riveting video of the heroic rescue here.

Amanda Crum
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