Mozilla Walks Developers Through Firefox OS

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Mozilla is about to enter the smartphone market in a big way. The non-profit will be offering Firefox OS on handsets in smaller markets, like South America. In fact, the team behind Firefox OS went to Brazil in August to show off the new mobile OS.

For everybody who wasn't at the event, Mozilla has now uploaded the entirety of the talk in parts. Interested developers will get to see how Firefox OS was made, and get a sneak peak at all the Web APIs that Mozilla is cramming into the HTML5-based OS.

First up is an introduction of the OS and its various components. If you haven't been following Firefox OS development, you'll want to start here:

Next up is a look into the developer environment. Developers will also get a chance to check out how they can build apps for Firefox OS, and how it will tie into the Mozilla Marketplace.

The final three videos are an extended look at the Web APIs that power Firefox OS. Mozilla will also get into how develops can hack the UI to fit their needs.

It should be noted that Mozilla isn't hoping to take on the world with Firefox OS. The non-profit isn't competing with Android and iOS. Firefox OS, like Firefox, is an open source alternative that puts the Web front and center. At the onset, it will only be available in emerging markets as a low cost alternative to the more expensive iOS and Android handsets. Developers hoping to have a presence in emerging markets may want to take a look at the new OS. It could very well be a hit among consumers who prefer low cost devices that can still provide the smartphone experience.

Developers can grab the slides used in the video presentations at Mozilla's Hack site.

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