Mozilla: Firefox 4 Will Be Fast Too

Google's Chrome browser has received a lot of buzz lately as it has showcased its efforts...
Mozilla: Firefox 4 Will Be Fast Too
Written by Chris Crum
  • Google’s Chrome browser has received a lot of buzz lately as it has showcased its efforts in speed testing using potato guns, paint, a pirate ship, lightning, etc. Meanwhile, Chrome has been creeping up steadily in web browser market share.

    Perhaps in an effort to keep users from switching to Chrome, Mozilla wants it to be known that it is working on speed as well, and is enabling new open, standard web technologies ("HTML5 and beyond" it says).

    Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s Director of Firefox is sharing a slideshow highlighting an early product plan for Firefox 4. The goals for which, are to make Firefox "super-duper fast", enable said web technologies, and put users in "full control of their browser, data, and web experience."

    "Usually software producers don’t present these sorts of plans in public until they’re finalized, but Mozilla is a little different," says Beltzner. "We work in the open, socializing our plans early and often to gather feedback and build excitement in our worldwide community. Not everyone could attend the presentation today, though, so I’m sharing the slides and video here as well."

    "That said: please understand that these plans are fluid and are likely to change," he adds. "As with past releases, we use dates to set targets for milestones, and then we work together to track to those targets. We always judge each milestone release against our basic criteria of quality, performance, and usability, and we only ship when it’s ready."

    Last month, Chrome increased its market share by 0.60% according to stats from Net Applications, though Firefox gained as well.

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