Mozilla Announces The Game On Challenge

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Web-based games have come a long way since the early days of Shockwave. Mozilla has been one of the leaders in this area by creating games that push the boundaries of HTML5 and other Web-based technologies. Now the non-profit wants other developers to create Web games for its Game On challenge.

This year's Game On challenge will be focused on creating games using Open Web technologies. Mozilla will be accepting games in three categories - hackable games, multi-device games, and web-only games. Here's the breakdown of what the judges will be looking for:

Best Hackable Games

Create games that let players remix game mechanics, fork code, or use assets from the web to create their own version (and maybe even learn how to code along the way).

Best Multi-Device Games

Use the power of mobile to explore concepts like asymmetric gaming, alternate reality games, and companion apps. This category is searching for games that take advantage of the unique affordances of different platforms they inhabit.

Best Web-Only Games

Create games that can only be played on the web. Get inspired by web-only mechanics such as sharing links and data, finding clues on the web that will help you advance in the game, always-on multi-player, and more - creating the most webilicious game possible!

Each winner from the three categories will get a multitude of prizes, including an all-expense paid trip to the GDC 2013. Other prizes include a spot on the Mozilla marketplace, a chance to pitch your game to Chillingo, one year membeship to the IGDA and UKIE, promotion of your game on Mozilla's Game On Gallery, and plenty of Mozilla swag.

Those interested in participating in this year's Game On Challenge need only sign up at Mozilla's Web site. The deadline to sign up is February 24 of next year. While you're at it, you might want to start looking at some game jams happening around you. Mozilla will be hosting game jams in New York and London this weekend, but is also providing the tools needed to host your own.