Motorola Splits With Google In China

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Google's decision to redirect Chinese searchers to is having some serious repercussions.  On Monday, Chinese Internet company Tom Online distanced itself from Google.  China Unicom followed suit on Wednesday.  And now, Motorola has also turned its back on the search giant.

Google LogoMark Lee and Hugo Miller reported late yesterday, "Motorola Inc., the handset maker that's rebuilding its mobile-phone business around Google Inc.'s Android software, has dropped the U.S. Internet company's search engine from one of its Android phones in China."

It looks like Baidu and Bing will be used as replacements, and in certain regards, that isn't too shocking.  Deals between Motorola, Baidu, and Bing were announced months ago, and the two search engines represent the market leader and an obvious American alternative, respectively.

Still, as Lee and Miller pointed out, Google and Android are supposed to be central to Motorola's strategy; the company's in fact claimed that it will release 20-30 Android phones this year.  So Motorola must either have little confidence in Google's ability to impress Chinese users, or it faced quite a lot of pressure to part ways with the American search giant.

Both of these possibilities imply that the fallout might continue.  Google fans, hold tight.

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