Mother's Day Gifts for the Mom Who Has It All

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As a mother of two, Lindsey Leland could make a list of things she would love to have, but when it came to buying something for her own mother, it was always a challenge.

"She has everything - honestly - because she has the money to buy most of what she wants. Every year Mother's Day gets here and I have no idea what to get her."

Lindsey isn't alone. Children - often grown children - want to buy his or her mother something special, but they also don't want to just walk into a store and pick up a prepackaged gift basket full of cheap body wash, a back scrubber, and a pair of moisturizing lotion socks. Besides, Mom probably already has that.

Honestly, most mothers don't really "need" anything for Mother's Day. They just like to be remembered. But if you are itching to give her more than just a homemade card, here are some suggestions that could get you "Oh wow!" instead of "Well ... that's cute."

1. A Gift Certificate
We're not talking about $10 off at Cracker Barrel. Get creative! Pick Mom up a gift certificate for a facial, a massage, or a pedicure. She might also enjoy a gift certificate to a book store. What about lessons for something she has always wanted to do like golf, ballroom dancing, or cooking (though this one may be tricky, hint hint). If she's more of the adventurous type, get her a certificate for a hot air balloon ride, skydiving, or zip-lining. Or simply buy her a gift certificate for a cleaning service to come in and give her house the once-over (even though, again, this could be tricky...ahem).

2. A Vacation
Even if it's just a night away at a bed and breakfast, it will be appreciated. Perhaps there's a place that she has always wanted to go or a favorite talk show she's always wanted to attend live. Send her there. Great travel deals can always be found on Groupon or another discount website.

3. Netflix
For the mother who enjoys watching television and movies, sign her up for Netflix or another flat rate DVD by mail service. For the tech savvy mom, Netflix can also provide on-demand Internet streaming media.

4. A Magazine Subscription
Is Mom into gardening? Crafts? Antiques? Buy her a magazine subscription. There are plenty of choices to choose from.

5. A Monthly Delivery
Flower of the month? Coffee of the month? Chocolate of the month? Wine of the month? Cigar of the month? You know your mother. What would she enjoy having delivered to her doorstep every day for the next year? (Personally, knowing the women in my life, I'd go with the wine.)

6. Event Tickets
Send her to the local philharmonic orchestra, musical festival, or purchase a season subscription to a local theatre. Many towns also have performance venues that include Broadway Live performances such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and (gulp) Menopause the Musical. For the sports fan, try tickets to a local game or, better yet, season tickets to see her favorite team.

7. A Charitable Donation
Make a donation in Mom's name to her favorite charity or organization. If she's a giver herself, she will appreciate a gift that gives back to those who don't have everything.

8. Your Time
Last, but not least. Taking Mom to lunch, to a movie, on a scenic carriage ride, on a tour ... fill in the blank. Most mothers are going to appreciate their children taking time out for them. There is nothing more precious than that.

Just don't be this woman.

Happy Mother's Day everyone.

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