Morgan Freeman Will Tell You Where to Go

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Morgan Freeman has the kind of voice people want to listen to forever. Deep and soothing, his articulation and cadence provide intrigue regardless of the topic. Just imagine if Morgan Freeman could tell you where to go--pointing you toward your destination. Very soon that dream will be a reality.

Vibe reports that Morgan Freeman is teaming up with Google’s free navigation app Waze. That means Freeman can soon direct us to the nearest coffee shop, or boutique, and he can tell us how to reach the beach with the soft white sand and gently lapping waves.

But wait--there's more.

Since Morgan Freeman on your GPS is part of the promotion for his upcoming film, London Has Fallen, he (in his role as the vice president) will speak to you--the driver--as though you're the president.

How cool will it be to hear Morgan Freeman providing directions to wherever you need to go? It will be many, many steps above the computer-generated voices we've become accustomed to hearing. Don't you agree?

Here's how to make sure it's Morgan Freeman you're listening to once you've downloaded Waze.

After opening Waze, click Settings>Sound>Voice Language>Morgan Freeman.

You can also catch Morgan Freeman in London Has Fallen, in addition to on your GPS. You can check him out in theaters starting on March 4.

Kimberly Ripley

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