Morgan Freeman Hilarious as He Narrates Actions of L.A. Pedestrians, "Grown-Ass Men Taking Pictures of Themselves On a F***ing Stick"

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Morgan Freeman was beyond hilarious on when he visited Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, and narrated the actions of some pedestrians on the streets of L.A. The actor, whose voice may now be heard on your GPS, was especially taken with people and their use of selfie sticks.

“‘Perfect Selfie’ Paul, that’s what we called him. How he loved that selfie stick. Looking for that perfect selfie,” Morgan Freeman said, as he watched people walking, talking, and standing around the streets of L.A. “Could this be the one? Light’s just right, maybe over by this wall? No. Not perfect enough for ‘Perfect Selfie’ Paul.”

“Perfect Selfie” Paul soon met his match. Morgan Freeman had just as much fun with this one, too, giving him the name "Sam."

“Oh look who it is! Another guy with a selfie stick. ‘Selfie Stick’ Sam,” he said. “Just two grown-ass men, taking pictures of themselves on a f—ing stick.”

Did you catch Morgan Freeman while he visited with Jimmy Kimmel this week? If not, you must check out the episode On Demand.

There's just something extra funny about a man like Morgan Freeman, with his distinguished voice, poking fun at men with selfie sticks.

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