Morena Baccarin: "One Million Years Pregnant" And Getting Ready To Deal With Custody Battle

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Morena Baccarin is slowing down these days now that Gotham, the show she films with her baby's soon-to-be dad Ben McKenzie, has ceased filming and she has wrapped touring to promote Deadpool.

Though, Morena Baccarin admits, slowing down when she already has a toddler running around is nearly impossible.

Morena Baccarin said recently, "I'm one million years pregnant! I'm feeling good, and I'm now at the point where I can chill out a bit."

She continued, "With a toddler, chilling out is hard to do," and added, "I'm nesting."

Morena Baccarin is due any day now with her second child, but soon afterward, she'll have to deal with some custody drama.

Morena Baccarin shares custody of her son, Julius, 2, with her estranged husband, Austin Chick. The couple had previously agreed to share custody and Chick moved to New York, where Baccarin was filming Gotham, to co-parent.

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However, when Chick found out about her romance with Ben McKenzie, he changed his mind and moved back to Los Angeles and challenged her for custody of their son.

Court papers said Chick "shipped some furniture there and actually stayed there with the child for approximately two weeks in July. Apparently he changed his mind and returned to Los Angeles with the child when he learned that [Baccarin] had a new boyfriend."

A hearing was set for the custody proceedings, but Morena Baccarin was put on bedrest by her doctor. So, the actress will have to deal with it after the birth of her second son.

Hopefully Morena Baccarin can get her custody battle ironed out so that she can begin living her life with McKenzie.

What do you think about Morena Baccarin's upcoming battle with estranged husband Austin Chick?

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