More Brands Adopting Google+

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Interbrand, founded in 1974, and now the world's largest brand consulting agency, has just revealed that two new brands that rank within its top 100 have adopted the Google + platform. Said brands are Xerox and Nike, and marketing data firm Simply Measured reports that average weekly Google+ circle engagement is up 112%, and content engagement is up 65%.

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Interestingly, the top brands on Google+ are high-end names including Ferrari, Gucci and Burberry, with Gucci seeing circle growth of 55,925% between Q1 and Q2.


Again, average weekly circle engagement is up 112% since February, for Google+, but is still nowhere near the sort of engagement seen on Facebook.

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The data is indicative of the future advertising viability of Google+, which the search giant is doing everything it can to promote - a practice which has angered some users - Google had slid a Google+ button where the "like" button on YouTube would normally be, for a time.

A recent study has shown that only 40% of brands are actually using Google+, but it would appear that the platform is plainly new, and will likely gain more appeal in time.

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