Moo Offering Facebook Business Cards


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In January, Moo, the award-winning online print business that customizes business cards and postcards, was running a promotion offering free business cards based on one's Facebook Timeline. Now, the print company is at it again, this time offering cards based on business and brand pages.

During the promotion, a business can get one pack of 50 cards for free, with additional packs being $15 a pop, which includes shipping. Brands can align specific products and images to different packs, and sort of mix and match what they're specifically trying to promote.

Richard Moross, CEO and Founder of Moo, states, “As global businesses and brands, large and small, and their agencies seek new ways to catch attention and take advantage of new marketing channels, we believe this free offer will be a much-sought after additional tool to add to their marketing suite."

During Moo's aforementioned promotion earlier in the year, free cards were shipped to over 150 countries, including Greenland and Maldives. Paul Lewis, Head of Marketing for Moo, states, “The response from our first Moo offer was very positive and generated great momentum for our business. We quickly realized that we were filling a very timely niche in the marketplace for users who wanted a more dynamic, buzzworthy and fun social-networking experience. Our new offer is designed to fulfill a further need on the business side and meet the expectations of our loyal customers for other, more versatile ways to use cards - and we’re delivering.”

One can begin building their free cards by visiting the Moo site.